Feasibility Studies - Community Consultation Report

Moving Forwards with an Investigation into Potential Operational Enhancements for the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project

A community information evening regarding operational enhancements of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project was held at the Tweed Heads Civic Centre on 2 November 2011. In addition, information was posted on the NSW TRESBP website and the community was invited to complete the survey and submit their feedback. The results of the community consultation process have been analysed and compiled into a report which is now available to download from the link below


The feasibility study reports were released by the (then) Queensland Minister for the Environment on 12 October 2011, and made public on the NSW TRESBP website. A public information session was held several weeks later at the Tweed Heads Civic Centre on 2 November 2011 and approximately 60 community members attended. Attendees were invited to complete the feedback form on the evening of the information session and both paper and electronic submissions were received up until 30 November 2011.

A total of 32 submissions were received with 27 of these coming from individuals, 4 from community environment groups and one from Tweed Shire Council. As the feedback form was designed quantitatively, statistical analysis of the results was not able to be undertaken; however an indicative summary of the level of support for each option is tabulated in the report.

While the findings of the consultation report provided valuable input on a range of coastal management issues that are of concern to the local community, no specific conclusion could be made on the preferred feasibility option. Nearly all of the responses acknowledged that at least one of the options warranted further investigation. All of the options other than option 2b (deep water dredge placement) attracted a higher level of support than opposition, and for option 2b; the level of support and opposition was nearly equal.

 Following consideration of the community feedback, the governments have decided to pursue two of the four feasibility options. The implementation of option 2 (additional dredge deposition) and option 4 (the introduction of backpassing by either placement and/or pumping of sand southwards along Letitia Spit) are currently being investigated in more detail. In regards to option 3, the governments are agreeable to Tweed Shire Council investigating the option of removing sand from the Tweed River entrance as a 'once off' sand nourishment strategy for Kingscliff. Option 1, a new sand pumping outlet at North Kirra, will not be pursued at this time.

The governments are in the early stages of investigating the two chosen options and further studies and community consultation are likely to be required. Information will continue to be placed on the project website so that the community can remain informed and further consultation will be undertaken as investigations proceed.