The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) undertakes tidal data analysis for the TRESBP. This work has been undertaken since 2000 to determine if there are any major changes in tidal behaviour of the estuary due to the sand bypassing operations. Tidal characteristics of a Tweed River site are compared with oceanic sites both north and south of the Tweed system.

Tidal harmonic analyses are used to estimate tidal characteristics undertaken on a monthly basis for data available from:

  • Letitia 2A (Tweed River)
  • Coffs harbour, and
  • Mooloolaba

The tidal data for Mooloolaba is provided by the Queensland Department of Transport and all other tidal data is provided by OEH and has been collected and archived by the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (NSW Public Works, Department of Finance and Services).

The results were previously contained within the Project's website Monthly Environmental Monitoring Summaries. The tidal results will appear on this page from September 2012 as they become available.